Teach In Community

Are you a member of the collective who feels confident and ready to share knowledge and information about your journey of reclaiming and decolonizing? We encourage our members to teach and stand in their power and in solidarity with one another. Teaching in the Sacred Lattice Collective involves partnering and collaborating with other members to present information and share with the larger community. We ask that if you have desire to teach that you reach out in the larger community to see if there are others that share your interest and want to collaborate. 

Read our mission and vision and who we serve and if you feel we are in alignment submit your proposal to us using this link.  

Propose a Study Hall

Each of us has different backgrounds and desires to hone in on our traditions and practices. We want to support community in doing this through shared learning and teaching space. If you are finding a need in community for a study hall please submit a proposal to us here. 

Read our mission and vision and who we serve and if we feel it is in alignment with Sacred Lattice we will follow up on next steps to support your study hall. 

Hosting a study hall for Sacred Lattice Members requires you be trained in maintaining our space. Please be prepared to be asked to take on a stewardship role when making a request to head a study hall. 

Guest Speakers

Membership dues and sustaining donors make it possible for us to invite guest speakers doing similar work we are doing. If you would like us to consider and invitation of a guest speaker, or are interested in speaking to the Sacred Lattice community contact us at Sacredlattice@gmail.com.