What do I get for being a member?

Ability to enroll in  courses (for a fee); access to free, non-coursework offerings (i.e., study groups, workshops, rituals, &c); a chance to meet with and get to know others who share interests and values; additional perquisites as we find them.

Who decides what gets taught?

The people who are teaching, with input from Collective members.

Who teaches? What if I want to teach?

Collective members who are willing to model shared power by teaching with a partner, and who feel comfortable enough with their knowledge of a topic, and their facilitation skills,  to design and implement a course. Contact Sacred Lattice if you have ideas for a course you want to teach, or you want to teach one of the courses we’ve already designed!

How do the courses work?How long will they last? how does pricing work, how many times will each course meet?

Only members may enroll in courses. Courses will be offered more than once, and will be taught by different people! Each class in a course will be about 3 to 4 hours long. Courses may be only one week long, or may run for longer, at the teachers’ discretion. Members will pay for each class meeting that occurs during the course duration. So, say you want to sign up for September’s Ancestor course--it runs 3 weeks, so the total price of the course would consist of the cost for 3 classes.

How will I know how much to pay per course?

What members pay per course is tiered in the same way membership is--the tier at which you pay your membership is the same as the tier at which you’ll pay your courses.

If you're unemployed, underemployed (making less than $1000 per month), each class meeting in a course will cost $25- $35.

If you are steadily employed, making $17+ per hour or $1000-$3000 monthly, each class meeting in a course will cost $42-$58.

If you make $25+ per hour or over $3000 monthly, each class meeting will cost $75-$95.