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Exposure to the Elements

All the way around our teeming world, fire sparks and flares while water wends its way. As the earth rumbles, shifts, and endures, the winds endlessly roam--breeze and surge, tickle and gust. The elements fasten us together, bugs to cherries to frogs to bacteria, beings to beings,  life to earth.

If  the elements already whisper messages to you, but you aren’t quite sure what they’re saying, consider this class. If you are afraid that they don’t, but you desperately want them to, consider this class. If you have ever wondered about elemental correspondences, what they are or what they mean, consider this class.

Through observation and perception of the elements, moving with their energies and envisioning their workings, participants in this class will discover how to collaborate with these forces to effect change and action in their lives.


Sea Grape Soap Bath and Body 319 NE Wygant St Portland OR