Right now all classes are local but we intend to add distance classes sometime in the future.

Ancestor Attachment:


Does the distance between the spirituality of your family (of origin, choice, or procreation) and your own feel tremendous?  Or, perhaps the gap is small but uncrossable? Are there non-spiritual breaches that leave you feeling isolated, wondering who in your family you might be like?  Is there discontinuity in your knowledge of family history?

Or perhaps you feel secure in your place within your family, but you feel other connections, strong and true, to some who aren’t related to you by blood? Forever fascinated by the story of a forebear who dedicated their life to justice? Always imagined yourself among those helping to heal with herbs?

In this class, you will learn how to initiate, maintain, and deepen relations with your ancestors of Blood, Spirit, and the Craft. Through deep listening, information gathering, and cultivating an orientation of offering, class participants will depart ready to establish effective communication with Ancestors of all sorts.

Exposure to the Elements

All the way around our teeming world, fire sparks and flares while water wends its way. As the earth rumbles, shifts, and endures, the winds endlessly roam--breeze and surge, tickle and gust. The elements fasten us together, bugs to cherries to frogs to bacteria, beings to beings,  life to earth.

If  the elements already whisper messages to you, but you aren’t quite sure what they’re saying, consider this class. If you are afraid that they don’t, but you desperately want them to, consider this class. If you have ever wondered about elemental correspondences, what they are or what they mean, consider this class.

Through observation and perception of the elements, moving with their energies and envisioning their workings, participants in this class will discover how to collaborate with these forces to effect change and action in their lives.

Tarot as Herald

Wanting a new framework to examine what you see in the world? Maybe you feel torn about which direction to move, or goal to commit to. You hankering for fresh perspectives? Perhaps you’re in a period of transition, and require a survey that maps where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where to travel next.

Folx turn to the cards because they get so much out of them. Some work with them primarily meditatively and ritually. Others like to forecast. The cards may act as a messenger, or highlight new aspects of what you already know. There are many approaches to the Tarot, and each is instructional in its own way.

Participants will develop the ability to decode the cards’ message, accurately predict what area of their lives the message pertains to, and select an alternate reading of the message. They will accomplish this by examining the structure of decks, differentiating among varieties of card groups and the resultant implications, and engaging with multiple viewpoints of upright and reversed cards.

Connecting with Animals

In the ants’ trails and the earthworms’ wriggles are epic stories written and lives lived. The flapping and fussing of the crows, the excursions and incursions of the raccoons, they all offer deep insight into the workings of the worlds, and into our own workings as well.

This class is appropriate for those who commune with the creatures that crawl, or who feel fellowship with the crows as they fuss and flap. If there are missives in languages you don’t speak in the movements and leavings of our animal siblings, but you’re ready to learn, this class is also appropriate for you.

Through observation and examination of animals and their behavior, course participants will leave with increased insight into animals as messengers and teachers.

Rooting into Plant Knowledge

From time immemorial, green and growing things have stood as staunch allies to us. When they’re not turning carbon dioxide into oxygen as part of their self-sustenance, they’re providing food with their fruits, or medicine with their roots, or peace and beauty with their smells and lovely looks.

This class is for you if you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the relationships to be forged with, and many uses of, bio-regionally native plants.

Participants will discover how to identify their plant allies, and gain tools to access them; additionally, they’ll learn how to relate to those allies seasonally, medicinally, and magically. This will be accomplished through hands-on interactions with some plant allies, and embodied engagement with the environments in which they are found.

Attend to Intuition

Intuition is a gift given to each of us, one that manifests in decidedly individual ways. For some of us, it comes as a murmuring voice; for others, as images and visions. Intuition can transmit itself via the body: hairs that stand up on the back of your neck; a fullness in your lower belly. However it makes its presence felt is the right way.

We face consistent encouragement to neglect our intuition. Some ignore it so completely that they can’t even perceive or recognize its working. Others can’t help but perceive, but mistrust so deeply that just the thought of heeding it is nerve-wracking.

Through discussion, experiential exercises, and sifting through past experiences, course participants will evaluate the results of suppressing their intuition, determine how intuition makes itself known, develop ways to reinforce confidence in intuition, and select methods to put that confidence into action.

Confer with Spirit

Goddess, The Shiny Ones, Source, Universe, Ase/Ashe...however you call it, if you have a name for it, that’s probably because it’s calling you. Spirit can be understood in many ways: the force that quickens; that which connects us all to each other; that without which there is nothing.

If deities from pantheons known and unknown reach out to you; if you’ve been claimed by any of the orishas; if beings who you’re incapable of describing provide directives and succor to you, and you want to more effectively interact with them, this class is for you.

Participants will explore techniques to ascertain how Spirit communicates with you, discern between Spirit’s communication and that of your own intuition, and negotiate with Spirit relationship terms that work for both of you.

This class may serve as a kind of continuation of Attending to Intuition; as such, if you don’t feel you have a very strong connection to your intuition, and that you are adept at bringing that connection to action, you may want to consider taking Attend to Intuition first.